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MB FIX for more than 40 years in the industry


A story of trust and recognition

We design and manufacture mechanical fasteners in the essential link between practical safety and aesthetic elegance, thanks to the skills that only we can offer and which is confirmed by the recognition and trust of our customers.

Present on the territory

Our fixings are completely Made in Italy. Our headquarters are situated in Borso Del Grappa, in the province of Treviso.


Today, as yesterday, we are ready to propose the most suitable solutions for every need.

Benefit Company

Our commitment to generate a positive impact on people and the environment is enshrined in our statute as a benefit company, evaluated and measured according to official standards

Impact Report 2023

MB FIX for the environment

Adopting and protecting more than 300,000 bees and creating a nectar wood are some of our ways to have a direct positive impact on the territory and the environment.
Anyone can follow our progress and monitor our company hive data with us.

Follow our hive

The guarantee of our certifications

VDI 6036

VDI 6036

MB has developed various fastening solutions for walls and floors in accordance with class 3 of the German VDI 6036 guideline (the highest level of security, but it does not include installations in certain locations such as prisons and psychiatric facilities). For each bracket, a full table indicates how many fasteners must be used for each radiator size.

The material from which the wall is made and on which the radiator is to be installed must always be taken into account. If the resistance of the wall is insufficient, it is necessary to use special screws and dowels or to increase the number of brackets.

A large number of MB brackets for different types of radiators are tested by TÜV Süd to confirm compliance with the VDI 6036 guideline. All of this to offer our customers more security and confidence in our products.


We use TÜV SÜD certificates for both our products and our processes.

With ISO 45001 certification, we are at the forefront of ensuring the health and safety of all our employees.

We are at the forefront of ensuring the proper functioning of each of our products.

Chrome plating without the use of hexavalent chrome, taking the environment into account.

Our team has also tested the strength of our fasteners under very special conditions - watch the video!

State aid - Publication and information

In fulfillment of the publication and information obligations established by Law no. 124/2017 with subsequent amendments, the aid granted is shown below.

Our code of ethics is essential to address market challenges and ensure our commitment to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards.

It is an integral part of our corporate policy and can be consulted at the link below.
To report violations, please use the channels indicated: under the contact section or by sending an email to [email protected].

Your cooperation is essential to maintain our corporate integrity

Code of etichs

Company Policy

Our company policy promotes transparency, integrity, and innovation. We are committed to satisfying customers, valuing collaboration, and creating an inclusive and trusting environment.