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We want to make the world a safer place

We want to make the world a safer place thanks to the creativity of our mechanical fastenings, tailored to all aesthetic and functional needs.

What, how and why we do what we do

We think any problem can be solved with a touch of creativity. We do this by offering practical, functional and customized solutions; designing fastening systems to make the world a safer place

We find the right solution for every need

Our vision enables us to be flexible in research and to take our customers' needs into account when implementing new solutions.

The principles that guide our work every day


The fastening security of our products is our top priority


Every customer must receive an answer immediately on the same day


Every personalization requirement is important

Infinite solutions

All mechanical fastenings can be realized by us

Customer Care

All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others

We have been producing mechanical fasteners for more than 50 years