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VDI 6036 calculation

You can easily calculate the fixings you need and comply with the VDI 6036 guideline by answering 4 easy questions. As a solution, we give you the products that adapt to your needs.

What is the VDI 6036 guideline?

The latest German guideline VDI 6036 changes the way installers, engineers and architects think about safety when installing radiators. Depending on the application and positioning of the radiator, the guideline defines precise limits for the forces to be borne and the maximum permissible displacements. In public places like banks, stadiums, schools and hospitals, higher standards are required. TÜV SÜD has tested a range of MB-FIX fastenings for all types of radiators and applications in order to ensure compliance with the class 3 specifications of the directive in order to guarantee our customers the safety of the fastening in all situations. We make our machines available to all of our customers in order to test the correct application of VDI 6036.