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Information on cookies

Websites use techniques to improve the usability and make content more interesting for users. One of the most popular techniques is the use of cookies. Cookies can be used by website owners or by third parties, for example to quantify the number of visitors or to watch a video.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain websites.

First party cookies
These cookies are set by the websites themselves (with the same domain as in the address bar of the browser) and can only be read by these websites. They are often used to store information such as user preferences that will be used when the user returns to the site.

Third-party cookies
These cookies are set by domains other than those specified in the address bar of the browser or by organizations other than the website owners. Third party cookies allow you to get the most comprehensive surveys of users' browsing habits and are considered more sensitive in terms of integrity. For this reason, you can change your settings in most web browsers so that cookies are not accepted.

How can I manage cookies?

You can change the above cookie settings by clicking on some or all of the cookies and clicking on "Change your consent".

In addition to the above options, the user can refuse or accept cookies from the website or any other website at any time by activating the settings in their browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but it is possible to change your browser settings to refuse cookies. If you refuse cookies, you may not be able to access or use other interactive features of our website that depend on them. For information on how to enable or disable cookies, see:

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you cannot accept them either. This could prevent you from freely moving from page to page and enjoying all the special features of the website. If you would like to deactivate the use of all or some cookies, you can change the following settings with regard to their consent. If not, click on Accept all cookies.